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Colorado Springs Premier Handyman Services

There is no job too small for our pros. We install faucets, sinks, lay flooring, patch drywall, match texture, paint accent walls, and so much more! If you have a lot of little jobs or one you want a fixed rate quote on, schedule a free appointment today!

Do you have a tiny job like a faucet replacement or hanging a TV? We can usually quote those things with a quick email.

Door Installation
Installing Laminated Floor


Discover top-tier kitchen and bathroom remodeling services in Colorado Springs at American Veteran Home Solutions. As a veteran-owned and operated business, we bring expertise and precision to every project. Explore our three distinctive remodeling tiers – Essential Refresh, Premier Elegance, and Tranquil Luxury – designed for enduring elegance.

Installing Laminated Floor


In the market for a new floor for your home?

We take pride in offering clients a variety of flooring installation services. We are knowledgeable on modern options as well as knowing how to work with older styles of already installed flooring materials. 



Embark on an affordable journey to elevate your kitchen and bathroom.
Elevate your space with practical enhancements, bringing a breath of fresh air to your home with many of your existing furnishings, refreshed and revitalized.



Explore exquisite mid-range options for an elegant kitchen and bathroom. Why sell your home when you can live in a world of refined beauty and sophistication with our premier tier, tailored for those who seek elevated elegance. Reimagine your current surroundings.



Truly elevate your spaces to the pinnacle of luxury with high-end kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Indulge in the ultimate luxury and serenity as we transform your home into a tranquil sanctuary of premium design and comfort. 




  • Cabinet Refinishing: Refresh existing cabinets with a new finish, transforming the overall appearance without a complete overhaul.

  • Countertop Upgrade: Choose durable and budget-friendly countertop materials such as quartz or laminate for a stylish yet cost-effective update.

  • Essential Fixtures: Update essential fixtures, such as faucets and handles, to enhance functionality and aesthetics.


  • Fixture Enhancements: Upgrade bathroom fixtures, such as faucets, showerheads, and towel bars, for a fresh and sophisticated look.

  • Vanity Refresh: Consider refinishing or replacing the bathroom vanity to add a touch of chic simplicity.

  • Lighting Updates: Update lighting fixtures to create a brighter and more inviting atmosphere.

Other Rooms

  • Accent Wall Refresh: Give the room a new look by painting or adding wallpaper to a focal wall, creating a chic and budget-friendly transformation.

  • Functional Furniture: Upgrade essential furniture pieces, focusing on functionality and aesthetics to enhance the room's overall appeal.

  • Lighting Updates: Update lighting fixtures with modern and stylish options to improve both visibility and ambiance.



  • Custom Cabinetry Design: Collaborate on the design of custom cabinets, incorporating personalized storage solutions and intricate details.

  • Classic Countertop Selection: Choose premium countertop materials like granite or marble to add timeless beauty to the kitchen.

  • Appliance Upgrade: Invest in mid-range appliances with advanced features for both performance and style.


  • Artisanal Backsplash: Introduce an artisan-designed backsplash for a unique and stylish focal point.

  • Classic Finishes: Aim for classic finishes such as polished chrome or brushed nickel for bathroom fixtures.

  • Upgraded Lighting: Install designer lighting fixtures that enhance the overall ambiance of the bathroom.

Other Rooms

  • Built-In Storage: Design and install built-in storage solutions to maximize space and achieve a cohesive, well-crafted look.

  • Customized Furnishings: Invest in custom furniture pieces tailored to the room's dimensions and purpose, ensuring a harmonious design.

  • Artistic Touches: Incorporate art and decorative elements that complement the room's theme, adding a touch of timeless elegance.



  • Premium Custom Cabinetry: Craft custom cabinets with premium materials, intricate details, and specialized finishes for a truly luxurious kitchen.

  • Rare Stone Countertops: Indulge in rare and exclusive countertop materials like onyx or marble for unparalleled elegance.

  • High-End Appliance Suite: Upgrade to top-tier, professional-grade appliances with cutting-edge features.


  • Spa-Like Features: Introduce spa-like amenities such as a jacuzzi tub, steam shower, or heated flooring for an opulent bathing experience.

  • Couture Lighting Solutions: Install bespoke and high-end lighting fixtures that add a touch of sophistication to the bathroom.

  • Smart Home Integration: Integrate smart home features into the bathroom for a modern and luxurious touch, including smart mirrors or automated lighting..

Other Rooms

  • Customized Millwork: Add custom millwork, such as wainscoting or crown molding, to bring an element of luxury and refinement to the room.

  • Premium Flooring: Upgrade to high-end flooring materials, such as hardwood or natural stone, for a luxurious and enduring foundation.

  • Smart Home Integration: Integrate smart home features specific to the room's function, such as automated window treatments or advanced climate control.

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